About Axiom News


Axiom News produces news and events that move people toward their preferred future.

Operating as a social mission business for 19 years, Axiom News cultivates social capital in organizations, associations, and communities. Through dialogue hosting and media making, Axiom News integrates the hosting and narrative arts to facilitate organic, community-led initiatives. Axiom News has served the Community Living movements in Ontario and BC, the long-term care sector, social enterprise, cooperative, and employee-ownership communities to name a few.

Originally focussed in generative approaches to journalism, Axiom News learned that every interview was an opportunity to cultivate change through conversation and the making of media about that conversation. As this practice continued to bear fruit in one-on-one conversations, the company transplanted its dialogic and media practices into group settings with extraordinary results.

In 2015, Axiom News founded and funded the Peterborough Dialogues, hundreds of cross-sector dialogues over an 18-month period, which generated more than a dozen community initiatives. Those initiatives included the creation of new social enterprises, widespread community engagement in official plan advocacy, award winning citizen-led initiatives, and an art hive to name a few. These initiatives, while all very different in their constitutions, continue and are self-sustaining.

Axiom News founder and lead dialogue host, Peter Pula, has been engaged to host online and on-land dialogues and workshops across Canada, in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

Axiom News is a social-mission business. When you contract with Axiom News you are supporting our dialogue and media work at www.axiomnews.com to cultivate deep democracy and civil society.


Generative Organizational Journalism (GOJO) and the Narrative Arts

Axiom News provides Generative Organizational Journalism services to like-hearted organizations, associations, and networks. Coverage in mainstream media is hard to get, is never sustained over time, and you don’t get to decide what parts of a story are important. Generative Organizational Journalism is a way for you to generate your own media, cultivate your own audience, and engage your community members. Relying on practices like Asset Based Community Development and Appreciative Inquiry Generative Journalism uncovers the authentic stories of people working together, engaging their strengths, and catalzying change. It integrates organizational context, generative inquiry, dialogic organizational development, and the all important step of making media to cast light on developments and illuminate the path forward. Each story becomes a stepping stone into your preferred and emerging future.

Axiom New co-designs your online news spaces, creates written-word stories, podcasts, video, graphic essays, phrase poems, email newsletters, and manages social media channels. These are customized into integrated news programs to serve you and your community.

Ours is a one-stop studio ready to work for you.

Dialogue and Event Hosting 

Our small hosting team has hosted hundreds of dialogic events online and onland, from 1-hour digital ‘huddles’ to day-long summits, and months-long community and organizational development processes. Longer processes can include our Core Conversation, Summits, Reflection Circles, Narrative Arts and Media Circles, Working Circles, as well as Open Space, World Cafe, and Design Lab events.

If your aim is to engage people in co-creating their next steps toward their preferred future together, Axiom News can provide you elegant supports for doing so. As longer projects unfold we can build capacity within your team to take on the Arts of Participatory Leadership and Hosting on their own.

Integrating Dialogue and Media

The integration of Dialogue and Media Making is a new way ahead. As we evolve from Power-Over to Power-With ways of working together, the Hosting and Narrative Arts are the ‘new management’ skills. Each enables and ennobles people in organizations to discover their strengths and enliven new possiblities. These practices deepen democracy, illuminate self-efficacy, foster natural collaboration, cultivate wholeness, and strengthen common cause. Dialogue with Media to match is a leading edge approach to community and organizational development.


Workshops, Courses, Mentoring Circles

Generative Journalism

Axiom News is the birthplace of Generative Journalism, a practice for cultivating and illuminating the gifts, possibility, and abundance present in every community. Axiom News coined the phrase ‘Generative Journalism’ in 2009 and has been developing it in practice ever since.

Peter Pula hosts Generative Journalism workshops and mentoring circles. He is available to work with small groups interested in learning about, practicing, and establishing Generative Journalism initiatives in their workplaces, networks, and communities.

If you are interested in learning more about Generative Journalism learning opportunities please write to peter@axiomnews.com.