What if Civil Society and Social Enterprise Underpin What’s Next? (Podcast)
Beautiful Bailout author Shaun Loney points to an emerging paradigm

Shaun Loney, author of A Beautiful Bailout, has been deeply engaged in more than 12 successful social enterprises. He has also been a senior civil servant. He has been walking the walk with social entrepreneurs for decades and offers cutting edge insights into an emerging social innovation revolution. Social enterprise and civil society organizations could find themselves in a newly powerful position to change our culture for the better and by far. Could they be at the centre of What’s Next?

In this provocative podcast conversation, Shaun takes aim at Indian Agents, offers kudos to intrepreneurs, calls for non-profits to ‘get up from the kid’s table,’ for foundations to up their game, and for governments to let go and say ‘yes’ to saving money. 

The latest trends in social procurement, social finance, and social enterprise give life to breakthrough possibilities. They hold the promise of more deeply democratic and ennobling ways of being and working together. As we begin to consider post-pandemic restructuring we will find ways forward spoken of in this conversation.
Listen For:

  • 2:50     The main beneficiary of the work of non-profits is the government
  • 5:15     Non-Profits, stop giving your outcomes away. Funding paradigm is colonial
  • 8:15     How to structure a different kind of relationship
  • 14:10   How to bring government, foundations, and non-profits together through Community Outcomes Purchasing. What role each should play. Governments are exhausted
  • 25:54   The difference between an Indian Agent and an Intrapreneur
  • 32:25   Aki Energy as a living example of how to move forward
  • 47:30   Local isn’t necessarily the thing, it is ‘social’ that invites everyone to do business differently
  • 54:00   Elements of purchasable outcomes
  • 59:00   What is different now that makes for new possibilities 

To learn more about Shaun’s latest book visit www.beautifulbailout.com. To explore supports available to non-profits and social enterprises visit www.encompass.coop.

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