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Hot Co-op Topics to be Explored at Gathering

‘Blueprint’, ODCs topping the list

The Nov. 1-2 Gathering of Alberta Co-operatives is designed to build upon the successes of last year’s event, with the opening day featuring a discussion on what people learned in 2012 as well as many other exciting topics.

Online Portal Elevates Socially-conscious Purchasing in Winnipeg

Portal tracks more than $697,000 in associated purchasing in one year

A Winnipeg training program for citizens returning from the criminal justice system needed “tons of sweaters and T-shirts” for its trainees. Thanks to the city’s Social Purchasing Portal (SPP), it was able to connect with a downtown sportswear supplier that employs people who have barriers to work. Now both organizations are even more well-positioned to advance their respective missions.

Social Enterprise Faces Money/Mission Crossroads

Riders for Health deals with tension common in social enterprise field, says co-founder

Riders for Health, a social enterprise working in sub-Saharan Africa, is facing a crossroads that’s common across the social enterprise board, says co-founder Andrea Coleman.

‘A Better Way’ — the Theme for Co-op Week 2013

Week coincides with International Credit Union Day

The theme for this year’s Co-op Week (Oct. 13-19) is “A Better Way,” and the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) is encouraging more Canadians to discover the benefits of doing business with a co-operative enterprise.

‘This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Conference’

Living the New Economy confluence kicks off in Vancouver, BC

The making of this year’s Living the New Economy confluence is in many ways the story of the new economy, says one of the lead organizers, Jordan Bober.

The Greater Social Enterprise Promise Highlighted at World Forum

Speakers share it; labs give chance to practice it

CALGARY - Author Ron Schultz’s favourite social enterprise story has that engaging blend of the bold, bizarre and exciting possibility – an African start-up that is training rats to detect landmines and saving thousands of lives.

Business is Our Last Hope: ‘Misfit’

Andreas Souvaliotis envisions a world where business can only survive if it's doing good

Even with the trillions of dollars and billions of volunteer hours invested in charity over the last 30 years, it has not succeeded in adequately addressing the world's most pressing issues, says Andreas Souvaliotis. He's holding up business as the “only major lever we have left at our disposal” to generate truly effective change.

Global Forum a Hotbed of Social Enterprise Curiosity

What's your burning social enterprise question?

CALGARY – The Social Enterprise World Forum delegates convening in Calgary this week bring a rich blend of social enterprise questions and issues they're keen to explore with peers in the field.

Calibrating Your Mindset Ahead of SEWF

Taking social enterprise from the head to the heart

Dr. Wanda Wuttunee will share an experiential approach to mindsets focusing on gifts during the opening session of the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) on Oct. 3.

Epic Business Prize Dream Shared at UN Venue

David Cooperrider calls for ‘urgent optimism’ around business as positive force for a better world

Sweden needs to import garbage to sustain a power plant run on waste. David Cooperrider says this captures our age and that we have a “once-in-civilization” opportunity.