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Calgary Credit Unions to Collaborate

Working together ‘just makes sense’

Two of Alberta’s largest credit unions are talking about collaborating to find opportunities to create efficiencies within their own organizations, with a goal of passing along the benefits of those efficiencies to members.

Second Social Finance Awards an Evening of Recognition and Networking

'It’s really our annual celebration of amazing social ventures and really exciting developments in social finance': Ellen Martin

TORONTO - The TMX Broadcast Centre in downtown Toronto was buzzing with excitement Thursday evening during the second annual Social Finance Awards hosted by and the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing.

Zero Health-care Claims Experience, Wellness Program Sets The Gazette Company Apart

‘Healthy employees are more productive employees,’ says manager

When The Gazette Company implemented a wellness program with its health-care insurance program, Terry Zaruba wanted to lead by example.

Celebration and Caution as ‘Amazing’ Social Finance Evolution Continues, MaRS Centre for Impacting Investing to present social finance awards

While isolated models of social finance ranging from Vancity to Edmonton Community Foundation have existed for years, an “amazing evolution” of social finance has occurred over the last seven years in particular, David LePage says.

A Benchmark in Co-op Education

'The beginning of something big'

The Upper Columbia Co-op Council (UCCC) in Nelson, B.C. is partnering with the Community Futures to deliver business development workshops throughout Southeastern B.C. This provides a unique opportunity for UCCC to integrate the co-op model into the entrepreneurial education programs that Community Futures already provides.

Belgian Health-care Ecology Turns to Positive Workplace Innovation

Can this approach transform the western world’s struggling health-care systems?

As the implementation of Obamacare in the U.S. continues its rocky journey, Bernard Mohr imagines how much better it could be now if even just part of a process he champions had been included in the plan’s development.

Social Enterprise Leadership Strikes a Chord for Canadian Women

Social enterprise leadership more attractive, possible now for women

Heidi Lambe just wants to make the world a better place and she loves how she’s able to contribute to this through managing two social enterprises in southern Alberta.

Alberta Gathering Sets Co-op Decade on Track

Alberta co-ops focused on participation, sustainability, identity, legal/government relations and capital, conference shows

Jonathan Allan, economic development officer with Vulcan Business Development Society, says attending the award ceremony that capped off the second annual Gathering of Alberta Co-operatives sparked inspiration for him.

One-of-a-kind Energy Company, ‘Misfit’ Join Forces

Aim to change the world through leveraging the power of everyday consumption

The world we want to see is not going to be created from sacrifice but in harnessing the power of people’s everyday consumption. That’s a driving notion for both Andreas Souvaliotis and Sponsor Energy Inc., an Alberta-based, one-of-a-kind energy company. The two have just combined their energies to actualize their shared belief in the realm of energy consumption.

Redefining Meaningful Work with the Planet in Mind

Oct. 25-27 retreat provides space for participants to share trials and tribulations

One of the most successful aspects of a grassroots initiative called the Meaningful Work Project (MWP) is an intimate, multidisciplinary retreat that brings together people on various legs of their own journeys to find meaningful work.