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Sustainable Solutions Leap Forward with Bullfrog Power Partnership

Common vision shared to educate and engage business on renewable energy

A new avenue to support clients as stewards of the environment and good business is opening up.

St. John's Bakery Shares Scaling-up Lessons

Social enterprise provides meaningful employment while producing top-quality bread

When Father Roberto Ubertino returned from France, where he learned to bake bread, he taught the skill to people at St. John The Compassionate Mission and discovered it made their day.

Inspired Future Brings Bigger Picture and Responsibility Into Focus

Third Industrial Revolution ‘will change the world’: Brookfield Johnson Controls Canada president

TORONTO - With buildings as a focal point in a “Third Industrial Revolution” (TIR) that is already taking hold in Europe and elsewhere, hundreds of business professionals were invited June 5 to help drive the transformation in Canada as well.

Organizations Look to Scale Impact Through Federated Model

Balancing independence and affiliation — while thriving — the ongoing challenge

Whether it’s Generative Journalism, creative placemaking or graduate-level sustainable management programs, the question of how to bring a promising social innovation to more of the world — without creating an empire — is a question of growing interest these days.

Scaling Up Doesn’t Equal Scaling Impact

A healthy economy is made up of many small, healthy enterprises, says Andy Horsnell

Scaling up a social enterprise can be an effective way to increase impact. But in Canada, it’s more the exception than it is the rule, says Andy Horsnell.

Is There an Upswing in ‘Humanizing’ Business?

The business case for collaboration has never been stronger: Fraser Basin Council director Bob Purdy

From policy changes that allow investment in community enterprise to a new groundswell of interest in co-operatives, there are changes afoot in Canada and beyond that point to an exciting increase of interest in business that is more tightly integrated with its local community’s well-being, says Melanie Conn.

Buy Social Summit Won’t Be Prescribing Answers

June event creates space for buyers and suppliers to meet, dialogue, co-create solutions to accelerate social-impact purchasing

As the roomful of small tables will signal, delegates of the June 16-17 Buy Social Summit in Vancouver can expect to find ample opportunity for their voices to be heard as they share in deep discussion with others interested to explore similar issues. The event, which will launch a campaign to accelerate social-impact purchasing across Canada, largely bases the promise of that happening on people joining together to co-create solutions.

Thriving Co-op Extends a Hand to Emerging Co-ops

The Co-operators offers $200,000 in prize money to help smaller co-ops clear 'first hurdle of growth'

An emerging food co-op in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley is now better positioned to seed a thriving local food system, with a $25,000 prize from a 2013 Canada-wide competition. Valley’s Best Co-operative is looking to establish a locally-owned grocery store providing healthy, affordable, local and fairly traded products through partnerships with producers.

Land-based Atlantic Salmon Farm’s First Harvest Marks a Milestone

Anticipated production advantages realized as proving economies continues, project partner says

The first harvest of fish from Canada’s first land-based, closed containment Atlantic salmon farm is momentous but the initiative must still prove its mettle.

Summit Aims to Accelerate Social-impact Purchasing

June event in Vancouver offers forum for suppliers, purchasers to dialogue

As plans unfold for about a billion dollars to be spent on a new light-rail transit system in Toronto, Peter Frampton imagines directing a chunk of that, say a million dollars, to social enterprises  contracted to feed the construction workers. This would double the capacity of three or four social enterprises which would in turn double their impact, Peter tells Axiom News.