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New Thought Leadership on Building Enterprises for Meaningful Contribution

Sharing resources on dialogic organization development, inside out social innovation and reinventing organizations

Three resources released in 2014 offer insight on building enterprises that contribute to society in a way that is meaningful to all stakeholders, including the enterprise. Though not necessarily geared to social enterprises, the thought leadership offered in these publications certainly applies to them as well. Each resource includes tangible take-aways.

‘How Do We Scale Our Impact With An Understanding of the Whole?’

An emerging conversation about the “human” side of scaling social enterprise

When it comes to scaling up social enterprise, there’s a lot more to be learned about doing this in a “human” way, says Vancouver social entrepreneur Vanessa LeBourdais.

Shifting Education Model Would ‘Change the World’

Sam Chaltain shares strengths of subject-centred, democratic learning environments

The most exciting learning is happening in places where the adults responsible for the school culture are very clear on what they want to equip their children with when they graduate, says Sam Chaltain.

State of Iowa Seeing Promise in Employee Stock Ownership Plans

ESOPs a promising tool for retaining business in local communities, supplementing employees’ retirement readiness goals

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) are attracting more interest in Iowa, likely given both new state legislation and a broader phenomenon at work in the U.S.

Changing for the Future Demands an Open Conversation Now: Jeremy Rifkin

One-resource economy challenges transformation

Now is the time for an open conversation in Canada about the future and surviving the global economic and environmental crises, Jeremy Rifkin says.

Scale and Societal Resiliency: A Conversation for the New Economy

Aug. 7 live conversation to be held via Google Hangouts on Air

Axiom News has partnered with Enterprising Non-profits Canada to host an online conversation about scaling social enterprise on August 7 at 12:30 p.m. EST. As the social enterprise movement grows, questions around the conventional Holy Grail of business are surfacing. How does the concept of scaling up translate in the world of social enterprise? And what kind of impact does the scale of a social enterprise have on societal resiliency?

Living a More Sustainable, Quality Life

Technology and a changing social view are game changers: Jeremy Rifkin

Can the developed world live a more sustainable, quality life, which can help to address the environmental and economic crises facing the planet?

Creative Placemaking Pioneer Shares Insights on Scaling Up and Out

Artscape Toronto anticipates launching affiliate organizations

Since 1986, Artscape Toronto has helped to stimulate some of Toronto's most creative and vibrant neighbourhoods with innovative community assets and cultural hubs. Daniels Spectrum in Regent Park and Artscape Wychwood Barns are two widely-known examples.

Social Enterprise Demystifies Carbon Market

Community Carbon Marketplace simplifies carbon credit purchases online

When one hears carbon offsets, what might come to mind is an opportunity for a business or individual to purchase credits, which mitigate the total carbon output for running their business or taking a flight. Where this money goes hasn’t always been clear. People increasingly want to know it’s going to good projects with real social and environmental benefits.

The Risk and Promise in Scaling up Social Enterprise

There may be big problems, but there are only many small solutions – The Gazette Company CEO and president Chuck Peters

To create resiliency, we need the highest level of human-capital development and the lowest damage to the environment — and social enterprise can be a tool to forge both those new realities.