Local Livelihoods are Focus of New Economy Conversation

Illustration: Yvonne Hollandy

Local Livelihoods are Focus of New Economy Conversation

New dialogue series and media in the works

Expanding the realm of possibility for thriving local livelihoods and entrepreneurship is the main topic of discussion in a new economy circle that has emerged out of the Peterborough Dialogues.

A recent tree-fort* gathering of Dialogues participants generated ideas for launching a focused dialogue series this fall and creating media to support it.

The hope is to spark connections among community members, including local entrepreneurs, funders, new graduates, business people and organizations, so they can work and learn together to cultivate local economic possibilities from existing gifts and assets.

  This conversation may involve new language and concepts as it takes a strengths- and assets-based approach to a complex challenge.

This new conversation flows from the theme of New Economy, which emerged from the inaugural Peterborough Dialogues community-building conversations. Community members who participated in the dialogue series see local livelihoods and entrepreneurship as one pathway to a resilient and thriving Peterborough City and County.

The Thursday tree-fort gatherings are now designing plans in support of that dream. And inviting more members of the community into the conversation could yield new relationships and collaboration for meaningful outcomes, such as connecting small, local entrepreneurs with people and organizations who can and want to invest.

This conversation may involve new language and concepts as it takes a strengths- and assets-based approach to a complex challenge communities around the world are facing: the transition to a different kind of economy. But it’s an opportunity to participate in a grassroots, citizen-led discovery of people, perspectives and projects that live into the future community members want to see.

During the recent tree-fort gathering, participants discussed ways to support the process for this new conversation, such as sharing a glossary of helpful terms related to the new economy, and generating media for the Peterborough Dialogues website to illuminate how community members are already engaged for a new and thriving local economy.

Over the coming weeks, tree-fort participants will be initiating plans for a fall dialogue on local livelihoods and entrepreneurship, including preparing an invitation to this series and engaging potential champions and participants for their input and interest in co-creating and co-funding the process.

It’s a new venture for investing in a future the community wants to see.

*Axiom News “Tree Fort” — chunks of time that have been slotted just for Peterborough Dialogues participants to join or host their own community-cultivating gatherings in the Axiom News office.

This story was originally posted on peterboroughdialogues.media, the news site of the Peterborough Dialogues, a local engagement project designed and hosted by Axiom News.

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