How journalists can aid the interview process: Pierce

How journalists can aid the interview process: Pierce

Although Linda Pierce estimates she has been interviewed by Axiom reporters about 30 times, she admits it’s not uncommon leading up to or during an interview to feel anxious about being quoted or represented well in a news article.

Pierce is the administrator at Village Green, a long-term care home in Selby owned and operated by OMNI Health Care, which uses a corporate news program. She is the first to share her thoughts on the interview process with the news program.

Because corporate news stories are often reprinted and shared throughout a network of people in the industry, Pierce says it’s important to make sure you don’t inadvertently say the wrong things.

“With any interview, whether it’s through Axiom or any other individual, you are nervous because you want to do well and you want to respond in the very best manner that you can,” Pierce says.

She suggests a phone call in advance to allow Pierce or her staff to properly prepare for an interview is always appreciated.

“If you’ve been prepared for the call, you’ve gone through the thought process already because you’ve got a heads up on whatever the subject is you’re going to chat about,” Pierce says.

“I want to make sure I give the best answers I can give.”

Sources sometimes become nervous about the interview process and in an effort to provide an articulate verbatim quote, can sometimes end up tripping over their own words.

To put the interviewee at ease, Pierce says a reassurance by the reporter that they’re going to do their utmost to project exactly what was said to them would be helpful.

“I’m honest about this, I have a tendency to sometimes over communicate,” Pierce says. “You’re doing the interview so you know what you need to get from that, I don’t.”

Pierce says she enjoys a combination of formal questions and answers as well as a more casual and conversational style.

When asked how her opinion of the interview process has changed throughout the course of OMNI’s relationship with the news program, Pierce says there has definitely been some growth.

“It’s about relationships and with the building of that relationship and getting to know Axiom, or whoever, that you’re able to feel more comfortable and you get to know the reporters,” Pierce says. “I think our relationships with Axiom are strong.”