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Image courtesy of the Springhouse website.

Finding the Way of Regenerative Education: Carolyn Reilly


Carolyn Reilly serves as the generative communications design lead at Springhouse Community School in Pilot, Virginia, USA.

Springhouse is a school for regenerative culture builders. Learning is seen there as a lifelong journey that should be centred around vitality, meaning, and cultivating wholeness to better serve the world’s emerging needs.

At Springhouse, they have decided that it is most important to take care of, foster, and share life. The learning journey at Springhouse starts in a very different place than conventional schooling settings. In a time calling out for more whole and life-giving ways of learning and teaching Springhouse is leading the way. If you are interested in jumping through a portal to a world where learning begins not with curriculum, books, and standardized testing, but with life, wholeness, sensing, and the courage to step towards the unknown, this conversation just might be for you.

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