What’s Possible for a Calgary News Co-op?

What’s Possible for a Calgary News Co-op?

Axiom News, Sarah Arthurs convene Calgary News Co-op launch conversations

Axiom News founder and CEO Peter Pula and co-operative initiator Sarah Arthurs are inviting Calgarians to take part in getting a new community owned and funded news co-operative launched in the city.

The co-op intends to be a generative news service, social-capital amplifier and change agent. People who are interested to learn more or become a Calgary News Co-op member are invited to take part in Jan. 29-31 events.

The events look to engage a broad section of people, including grassroots citizens, community associations, institutions and businesses that are “thriving Calgary,” says Sarah. 

  Sarah Arthurs

Organizations interested in being part of creating a strengths-based news capacity focused on constructive change and grassroots engagement are encouraged to consider joining the co-op. A multi-tiered membership structure is proposed, with the intent to include as many organizations to generate as many stories as possible. Individual (employee, citizen and sponsorship) memberships will also be available.

When asked to imagine what the co-op could look like a year from now, Sarah says she sees people anticipating reading the co-op's daily news stories and feeling encouraged to reach out to one another. Partnerships, collaborations and greater engagement around initiatives form as people connect their ideas and energy with one another. A group of members meet on a regular basis to determine the stories happening in Calgary that need to be shared.

Sarah and Axiom News have created a prospectus explaining the ideas and hopes for the Calgary News Co-op. Sarah says it’s a “thrill” to include the new International Co-operative Alliance logo on the co-op’s documents and show an affiliation to co-operatives all over the world, especially as this is marked as a co-operative decade.

“Their goal is that by 2020 co-ops will be the fastest growing form of enterprise on the planet, so we are a new co-op that’s adding to that process,” says Sarah. 

  Peter Pula

Peter and Sarah invite anyone interested in getting involved or curious to learn more to a Calgary News Co-op Open House on Jan. 29 from 3 to 6 p.m. The event will introduce Generative Journalism, the co-operative structure and the news co-op’s business model. The last hour of the event is a wine and cheese social to celebrate the journey so far and get to know other co-op members.

The following morning, Jan. 30, Peter will host an introduction to Generative Journalism — including its philosophy and practice — from 9 a.m. to noon. The event is open to anyone interested to learn about how the stories we identify and share can co-create the future we want.

A founding members meeting is planned for Jan. 31 starting at 9 a.m.

All events are free and take place at Prairie Sky Housing Co-operative, 100-402 30 Ave. NE Calgary, AB.

To learn more about the project explore A Calgary News Co-operative: A Co-operative Approach to Generative Journalism

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