Therapy Program Prompted by Question Launched

Therapy Program Prompted by Question Launched

LEA applauds news service for asking ‘challenging’ question

An aqua-therapy program born out of a question Woodland Villa life enrichment aide (LEA) Brenda McLaren was asked during an interview with Axiom News in December was recently launched.

The interview was for a story series Axiom News was working on for the OMNIway, OMNI Health Care’s online stakeholder news program, and McLaren recently told us that the question — “What steps could be taken to enhance the home’s physiotherapy program for residents?” — she was asked made her stop and think outside the box.

This, she says, is an example of the value the OMNIway brings to team members and the organization at large.

“You (Axiom News) are a part of this project,” she says. “You put forth the (question) that made me think harder about what more I can do for the residents. Therefore, you’re challenging me and encouraging me to see what I am capable of doing.”

After being asked the question, McLaren thought for a moment, then suggested residents could benefit from aqua-therapy activities in a warm pool.

After discussing the possible benefits an aqua-therapy program could have for residents, McLaren took the idea to Mike Rasenberg, the home’s administrator, who immediately liked the plan.

Adding to the success of getting the program launched is the fact that the initiative is already showing positive results with residents, says McLaren.

The program brings residents to the Cornwall Aquatic Centre’s therapy pool where staff members work with them to enhance mobility.

One gentleman who has paralysis on one side was able to exercise his non-affected side during the trip to the pool, notes McLaren. She was even able to help him open the fingers on the hand of the affected side, she adds.

There were other gains, says McLaren.

“We had a woman and a gentleman who participated in the program who had never in their lives been swimming,” she says. “That was so neat.”

Because of the success the first trip to the pool garnered, coupled with the fact residents enjoyed the activity so much, the home plans to continue the program, McLaren says.

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