Recovering Our Authentic Self: Peter Charad

People have been harmed by the society they grew up in.

Having been harmed by the society we grew up in, many of us take on roles that do not reflect who really are. We live ‘lives outside of ourselves.’

The gap created by that separation is filled, by many, with addiction. But the substance abuse is not actually the root problem. Living our life outside of ourselves is the root problem. Peter Charad calls this co-dependency. So, when you quit the thing you are addicted to all the ‘stuff’ that hasn’t been contended with as a result of roles and relationships that separate you from yourself is going to come up. And that is probably going to be hard. It takes time and support. On the horizon, though, is a journey to the recovery of one’s authentic self.

If recovering a deeper sense of self is of interest to you, Peter’s story will offer ways forward, whether you are contending with substance abuse in your own life or not.

Peter Charad has been recovered from addiction for over 30 years.

This podcast was produced in collaboration with the Recovery Pathways Research Team and was originally published on their website. It appears here with permission.

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