Reclaiming Our Capacity to Produce Our Own Wellbeing: Peter Block

Reclaiming Our Capacity to Produce Our Own Wellbeing: Peter Block

Peter Block says now is a time in which we can reclaim our capacity to produce our own wellbeing in our communities, workplaces, in our faith, schools, journalism, art, and architecture.

The last two years have put many of us in touch with our world differently. We have been given a fresh opportunity to revisit the ways in which, and from where, we work. Many are reconsidering the Social Contract. We are suddenly more in touch with people from around the world with digital gatherings having grown exponentially. New movements are shaking up old norms. Reconciliation, restoration, and the Common Good are calling out for our attention.

In this episode, Peter, self-proclaimed talker and typer, and author of Community: The Structure of Belonging, reflects on the power of trust, groups, rearranging the room, and being human together first. He says he “would like to have a place where ideas matter. Where doubts are valued. Where uncertainty is embraced.” This space is now emerging in the form of The Great Community Collaborative, in which we are hosting a year-long community-led dialogue with Peter to explore what we don't understand about the world we live in now and the philosophic insights that can guide us. A space he refers to as “activism with the architecture of a gathering.”

We begin the conversation in this episode, and invite you to join it’s continuation. To learn more about Reclaiming Our Freedom and Accountability visit the Great Community Collaborative to register for a free pre-launch event with Peter Block, happening June 1.


Peter Block's work is in the restoration of the common good and creating a world that reclaims our humanity from the onslaught of modernism.

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Peter Pula

Peter Pula has been exploring the pathways to social evolution since founding the Grassroots Review in his hometown of Peterborough in 1992. Since then he has served on the boards of civil society and arts organizations and served as board president on two of them.

He has been actively involved in federal politics and led a corporate communications firm. Axiom News was incorporated under his leadership in 2009 and went on to establish the practice of Generative Journalism in an international arena.
In 2015, Axiom News founded and funded the Peterborough Dialogues in its hometown. The Peterborough Dialogues hosted over 350 deep community dialogues, established and refined hosting arts, and has had lasting impact in the Peterborough community. For this work in community, Peter was awarded the 2017 Brian L. Desbiens Community Service Award by Fleming College after being nominated by his peers and members of the community.

Peter works in support of deep democracy and passionately but lightly-held spaces for citizen-led community development. He believes that artfully hosted dialogue and generative media making are together a necessary social innovation for cultivating local-living abundance.

Peter is an artful dialogue host, newsroom director, team leader, mentor, trainer, and consultant. He can be a supportive force in the cultivation of initiatives in your community, network, or organization.

He has been invited to host dialogues, summits, workshops, and learning circles in Canada, the United States, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and most recently in France.

If you would like to enjoy an exploratory conversation about engaging Peter in appropriate ways to enliven or enlighten your initiatives, you can reach him directly by writing to

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