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Brantford Citizen-Led Housing Initiative Births New Circles

As first build approaches new ‘inner-working’ circles in finance, design, matching, and engagement are born

BetterStreet Founder Visits Brantford Tiny Homes Working Circle

Tony D'Amato Stortz, who has a wealth of experience helping tiny-home communities thrive in Canadian cities, spent an hour with the March 7 Tiny Home Working Circle to share his insight and help the group advance their efforts to create affordable housing in the Brantford, Ontario community.

Two Tiny-Home Prototypes Get Green Light

Citizen-led working circle to reconvene community, explore Social Financing options

Brantford, Ont. city staff have indicated they see no reason not to give a green light to plans for the construction of two tiny-home prototypes — a one-bed dwelling and a two-bed dwelling — on property secured in the city, a signal that the project to bring a tiny-home community to life has advanced another step.

Citizen-Led Tiny Home Initiative Gaining Traction

Community response to homelessness building tiny home capacity in Brantford

A group in Brantford, Ont. has been meeting fortnightly since 2021 in an effort to bring together local strengths and talents to create a tiny-home community as a citizen-led response to the housing crisis the city of 102,000 is experiencing.

Recovery Pathways and Clues to Social Renewal: David Patton

This is a fascinating conversation at the intersection of culture, criminology, and recovery.

Dr. David Patton is a criminologist and recovery researcher. Most recently David has been engaged with a Recovery Pathways Research Team coming to grips with the variety of pathways people take on their road to recovery from addiction. 

Tiny Home Initiative Underway in Response to Housing Crisis

Editor’s note: At a Community-Based Response to Housing Summit earlier this year, which Axiom News came alongside for, Belonging Brant’s Jocelyn Birkes raised her hand to say yes to doing something. In this Q&A, Jocelyn speaks with Peter Pula about her inspiration to step up, the integral connections she’s made along the way, and what her visions are for the future of housing in Brantford, Ontario.

Catalyzing a Democracy Gestalt – From Critical Mess to Critical Mass: Oliver Escobar

Oliver Escobar was raised in a country governed by a dictatorship. Now he is making a life work in democratic research, teaching, and advocacy. He says many or most of our democracies are very underdeveloped. They focus on just a few practices, elections and party politics, which are important but very limited aspects of democratic life. That underdevelopment may have played a role in bringing about what is now a time of great upheaval. That upheaval might in turn serve up an opportunity for renewal.

Reclaiming Our Capacity to Produce Our Own Wellbeing: Peter Block

Peter Block says now is a time in which we can reclaim our capacity to produce our own wellbeing in our communities, workplaces, in our faith, schools, journalism, art, and architecture.

Seeking the Source of Regenerative Culture: Jenny Finn

Jenny Finn's life has been an adventure. As a young woman she broke suddenly from addiction. She then found herself on a discovery journey into life-centred ways of interacting with the world.

Imagining a New Social Contract: Jeff Evans

In our longing for belonging have we made a deal that gives too much away? When we go along to get along, what is the cost? In this conversation with Jeff Evans, a managing partner of Designed Learning — A Peter Block Company, we explore what it would take to make a new deal and rewrite a social contract in favour of aliveness and belonging. Jeff makes the case for beginning where we are with practices like leading by convening, confronting our freedom, and welcoming dissent.