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Axiom-inspired News Org Now in Belgium

I already have enough business to support myself: founder Griet Bouwen

A Belgian news agency modeling itself after Axiom News based in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada has opened for business.

Ontario Long-term Care Appreciates

Recognizing staff, resident strengths contributes to greater good

Appreciating people's strengths and contributions is something some people working in Ontario long-term care settings are doing well, Axiom News is finding as it provides generative news services to several of these organizations.

School District Catalyzing Conversation through Generative Journalism

News service spotlights future of education in Maple Valley, Washington

The Tahoma School District has partnered with a team of generative journalists from Axiom News in an effort to explore and discover the education narrative in and around Maple Valley, Washington, and tell its story clearly and consistently.

News-service Helps Break Aging Myths

News program and social media help address issues leading to ageism

Stories and videos published on the website of Ontario long-term care provider OMNI Health Care demonstrate that seniors are contributing members to their communities and active people in their homes, all of which helps promote a positive image of aging, says OMNI CEO Patrick McCarthy.

BC AMTA Mines Wealth of Success with News Service

New partnership with Axiom News launches

Starting today, the BC Aboriginal Mine Training Association (BC AMTA) will begin mining stories of strength and success from across the province and sharing them three times a week.

Culture at a Crossroads: Independent Schools Investigate

Series to explore ‘culture-making’ opportunities for independent schools in response

There is tremendous opportunity for culture makers given the transition occurring in society and the way the economy works.

BACI Blast Questions Future of B.C.’s Community Living Movement

News series asks into solutions, commitments, possibilities

What's the crossroads the community living movement in British Columbia is facing today? What can be learned from when it was most energized in the past? What’s it got at its disposal now that could create a future that’s the brightest yet? Who are some champions we could all be learning from?

Axiom News Identifying Culture as a Strategic Advantage

Elevating and amplifying assets for the strength of the organization

Consciously cultivating strong cultures can help companies develop a strategic advantage, where it attracts, retains and empowers skilled employees who contribute to the excellence of their products and services.

Memphis Org Gets a Generative Newsroom

Weekly news stories to focus on gifts and possibilities

A Memphis organization dedicated to equipping and mobilizing people and systems to be agents of holistic change in their communities has added a new tool to get this work done: a generative newsroom.

Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada Joins the ‘Twitter’Verse

Using social media tool to listen, learn from healthcare conversations

The Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada (HIROC) has something to tweet about.