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Pulling Social Media into Crisis Management Plan?

Multiple benefits foreseen from application, including more effective response, enhanced brand

If a major crisis occurred within or affected an organization, how could it use social media enhance its response and possibly even its brand in the process?

Social Media and the Culture Change Conversation

‘The key to changing culture is to talk about culture’

About four years ago, Kavan Peterson began working with Dr. Bill Thomas on the platform,, where news and opinions related to the changing culture of aging are aggregated and shared.

Director of Sales and Marketing Says Stories Demonstrate Corporate Values in Action

‘I want to work for a company that has the same mission and values as I do’

When director of sales and marketing Julie Matthews returned to Brookfield LePage Johnson Controls Inc. (BLJC) in December 2011 after a six-year hiatus, she says it felt like she was “coming home.”

Stories of Alternatives to the Status Quo in Elder Care

Dr. Bill Thomas, culture change and helping society accept a new reality

Long-term care is one of the sectors in which Axiom News is extremely active. Several clients rely on a dedicated team of generative journalists to reach into the heart of the homes where our elders live and are cared for to draw out the innovations and successes that enhance lives every day.

Story Highlights Role Long-Term Care Home, Sector Can Play in Health

Showcasing resident’s successful return home underscores what Trillium Villa is capable of accomplishing

Trillium Villa administrator Jennifer Allison contacted Axiom News in December to feature a story for Steeves & Rozema’s website about resident “Mrs. K,” who returned home with improved mobility after a month at the Sarnia long-term care home, because she wanted to publicly highlight the role the sector can play in the greater health-care system.

Telling Stories of Strength is a Pretty ‘Cool Job’

Consultant considers the role of the storyteller

As Schlegel Villages’ recreation and community partnerships consultant Christy Parsons was speaking with a generative journalist from Axiom News, she paused and thought about the Stakeholder News service in general.

Stakeholder News Promotes Several Aspects of OMNI Culture in 2011

Promoting quality, best practices among highlights

OMNI Health Care, Axiom News’ longest-standing client, used its Stakeholder News program in a variety of ways to promote the great things the long-term care provider of 17 homes accomplished throughout 2011.

Story on Innovative, New Role Inspires Staffer

Mill Creek Care Centre gets reaction from first story in Morning Report

The benefit of sharing success stories became clear to staff members of two long-term care homes recently after reading a story about an innovative new position and its effects on staff.

Linking People within Organizations through Stories

No matter how vast the company, stories can make connections

Many of the organizations Axiom News partners with through its Stakeholder News services are large entities spread out over vast distances, and these clients speak regularly of the value of the stories as tools drawing the organization’s people together.

Reviewing how Stories Inspire

Two examples guide two people on new paths in life

A story has the ability to do many things: it can record a successful moment in a person’s life; it can celebrate the achievements of a team within an organization; it can be a catalyst for change and progress.