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Building a Storytelling Culture and What’s Next

We’ve been at the centre of the story sharing and the interviews we do are each a gift. Maybe it’s time to share that gift.

Culture will eat strategy for lunch – and stories shape culture. This article, Building a Storytelling Culture, by Julie Dixon points out that most of us agree our organizations and communities should develop a storytelling culture but that knowing what to do about it is a bit dicier.

Appreciating David Cooperrider

Appreciative Inquiry has left its mark at Axiom News — and so has David Cooperrider personally
The first time I met David Cooperrider I shared how Appreciative Inquiry helped us understand why Generative Journalism was creating constructive change for our clients, and how it deepened our practice. We’ve been framing our inquires and stories with the help of AI for over 10 years.

Exploring Future Possibilities for Business and Society: Ken Gauthier

As part of Social Enterprise Day in British Columbia, Urban Systems went public with a Social Enterprise pilot project of its own, Urban Matters.

Come Shape Our Work

To fulfil the potential of generative journalism as a co-creative communications method for organizations we, Axiom News, need to better attend to a couple of things.

Conversations With David Cooperrider Go a Long Way

Axiom News mission reframed, what gives life is sought, and points beyond defined

This year I had the good fortune of two conversations with David Cooperrider. The first was while walking the grounds of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland this spring. That conversation gave plenty to ponder.

Igniting Strengths to Invent the New American City

Imagine the New American City. What do you see? What are people doing? What are you doing? Who is with you? How does it feel? Take time now to jot down a few notes in answer to these questions.

Planting Deep Roots of Organizational Democracy

Political pundits are lamenting low voter turnout in societal elections. There may not be so much to worry about. The fact that democracy in this arena seems a bit sleepy doesn’t necessarily translate to a lack of interest in democracy. Low engagement could come from the fact that our societal democracy simply deals with questions too large to be dealt with in any intimacy.

Social Mission Matters: Changing Our Minds About Mission Could Change Everything

Why are we in business in the first place?

Many organizations work hard at making a profit, and then do all kinds of things, completely unrelated to their mission, to make a difference. Why?

Design Matters II: Learning from Roger Martin

Roger Martin’s latest book, The Design of Business clearly demonstrates how design is an answer to a fundamental gap in most organizations. That gap is the oft-neglected vacuum in innovation.

Design Matters

I love the question visionary designer Bruce Mau puts to us: if we can design anything, do anything, what should we do?


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