Beautiful People Doing a Great Job
-- Griet Bouwen

Back home in Belgium, I needed a full week to think through our visit to Axiom News over and over again. Not only was seeing Canada a “first in a lifetime,” the greatest surprise was in meeting the Axiom team and feeling the deeper purpose these guys devote to their work.

Generative Journalism. What an invention, with such meaningful contributions to society. Axiom News makes the thought-out choice to dedicate their journalism to build up an economy and society that cares for people and nature. They provide innovative news services to networks, organizations and businesses that want to make a contribution to society. The news they produce connects employees and stakeholders with each other and with the change mission of the organization. It’s journalism as an inspired and practical tool that also lifts up the greater aim of those involved, inspiring them to go even further on the path of hope and change.

And there is more, a lot more. The Axiom News website itself is a virtual place of hope, connectedness and openness for a desired future.  I remember the first time I saw this place. By accident? I don’t believe in accidents like these. I was thrilled, blown out of my shoes, staring at the screen with a feeling of coming home in some way. At that moment, Axiom News gave words and images to a long cherished dream. In a blink it was a certainty for me: these people are soul mates.

For those who know me, I’m not as brave or pushing person I sometimes want to be. But this time, I couldn’t think about anything more than connecting with Axiom News. I wanted to understand their work, their business, the way they see the world evolving and the task they see for their organization to move into the direction they dream of.  I was so curious to understand how they manage to keep this beautiful news website alive.

Meeting Peter, Michelle, Kristian, Jennifer, Yvonne, Deron, Lisa, Ryan and Jeanne was an inspiring adventure. Connecting with Peggy Holman, founder of Journalism that Matters, broadened the insights even more. Because I’m no native English speaker, conversations rippled slowly, always searching for specific words, considering phrases. Thoughtful conversations, close listening.

After this wonderful midweek in Peterborough, my brains are still noisy. Thinking, even more encouraged than I was before, on setting up a Belgian kind of Axiom News. And realizing also, I want to do this together with this bunch of inspiring people. These beautiful people are doing a great job. What I need to learn is there, in the newsroom of Axiom News: specific assemblage of craftsmanship, and a specific colour. The colour that belongs to a team of engaged and connected people. It’s the colour my plans want to be painted in.