Axiom Produces Client Video Series

Axiom News CEO Peter Pula recently sat down with OMNI Health Care president and CEO Patrick McCarthy for a video interview exploring the changing landscape in long-term care.

Axiom Produces Client Video Series

OMNI Health Care CEO shares thoughts on changes in sector

OMNI Health Care president and CEO Patrick McCarthy recently stopped by the Axiom News newsroom to talk about the changing landscape in long-term care and what OMNI is doing to better accommodate those the changes.

Axiom News publishes daily stories for OMNI Health Care’s OMNIway news program. OMNI Health Care is a provider of 18 long-term care homes in Ontario.

In a series of video interviews which will be available when OMNI’s new news site launches next week, McCarthy and Axiom News CEO Peter Pula discuss the fact that long-term care homes are seeing younger residents with more complex-care needs and more residents with cognitive impairment.

  Peter Pula and Patrick McCarthy discuss how long-term care homes are seeing younger residents with more complex-care needs and more residents with cognitive impairment in a video interview. The video will be shared via the OMNIway next week.

A large reason for this, McCarthy says, stems from the new Ontario Long-Term Care Homes Act, which was introduced in 2009.

“The act reflects what has happened in the community in terms of referrals to long-term care,” McCarthy says. “Under the act, to get into long-term care there is certain criteria that must be met for the CCAC (Community Care Access Centre) to refer a person to long-term care. Before, those medical needs didn’t need to be established.”   

As a result, long-term care homes across the province are seeing an increase of people with more complex-care needs than a decade ago — including mental-health issues, McCarthy adds.

When people with mental-health conditions also develop dementia it can create a complex environment in long-term care homes, which is what the sector has been seeing.

However, McCarthy also discusses how the province’s Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) program has been of great help to OMNI in accommodating those residents. BSO is a $40-million initiative to help enhance quality of life for seniors affected by dementia and other conditions that cause agitation.

OMNI staff members have been using BSO interventions, training and education to improve the livelihood of residents and create a safer, happier environment in homes.

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