Axiom News Makes Democratic Workplace List

Axiom News Makes Democratic Workplace List

News team based in Peterborough, Canada makes WorldBlu list for seventh time

For some of the 51 organizations named to the 2013 WorldBlu list of democratic workplaces, there's simply no other way to conduct business, operate a workplace, or serve a client.

The 2013 list of the most democratic workplaces in the world includes aerospace, technology, manufacturing, health care, telecommunications, retail, services and energy in countries as geographically and culturally different as Malaysia and Haiti, New Zealand and Singapore. And, they range in size from five to 50,000 employees.


“The most important reason to practise democracy is to live an intimate human experience at work,” says Axiom News' founder and CEO Peter Pula.

“Democratic practices give us the patterns of behaviour that make us responsible and empowered to make our work space the place we want it to be. Each person shares more of themselves in a democratic culture and that makes work a more meaningful life experience.”

On a practical side, it means the nine Axiom News employees shape their own work schedules, the kind of work they do, who they work with — all within the constraints of teamwork and customer service.

Axiom News provides generative journalism services to organizations that operate worldwide and range in service from mining technology to education, health care and social enterprise. Its premise is that by engaging grassroots, alternate narratives from within a system on a regular, authentic basis, it can help an organization transition from top-heavy and centralized, to open and democratic.

On a broader scale, Axiom News aims to narrate a transition movement toward a new economy. 

Graphic designer Yvonne Hollandy has been with Axiom News for five years.

“Each day is a day of collaboration and learning,” she says, adding that working in a “freedom-centred, democratic workplace” allows her to feel valued as an integral part of the whole.

In a democratic workplace, she says, “there are no limits, only possibilities.”

WorldBlu founder and CEO Traci Fenton commended Axiom News for its recurring achievement.

“For seven consecutive years, Axiom News has consistently demonstrated an ability to build and sustain a world-class democratic workplace. Congratulations to Axiom News for this impressive achievement and for being a model for other organizations around the world.” she says.

WorldBlu tries to encourage proliferation of democracy in the workplace. Its goal is to see one billion workers employed in democratic workplaces.

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