Axiom News Launches Investigation into What Residents Want

Axiom News Launches Investigation into What Residents Want

Second generative journey on enriching end-of-life experiences

Axiom News is embarking on two new generative journeys of discovery with OMNI Health Care, focusing on inspiring more engagement and results through the stakeholder news program.

The first journey will explore what residents want while identifying what tools are already at their disposal to create the social environments they’d like to contribute to in their local long-term care communities.

What part of their days do they enjoy most and how can they create more of it? Generative journalists will also ask what it is they’d like to do more of, what they believe must be done to make that happen, and what they’re personally willing to do to bring it to light.

What skills do they bring to the home, what gifts do they offer fellow residents and staff, and how can we harness those gifts to allow residents to contribute fully in enhancing life quality?

Varied answers will draw out the stories of the many resident champions in the OMNI community from whom others can find inspiration.

A second series of articles and videos will focus on one of the more important aspects of caregiving in a long-term care environment: end-of-life.

There’s a wealth of knowledge to share about enriching end-of-life experiences and Axiom’s workplace journalists are out to discover what those are and offer the lessons learned from them.

There are certain attributes and traits a person brings to the side of a dying person and their family for support. This exploration will shine a light on them.

These two journeys — what residents want and end-of-life — are generative journeys that will generate new understandings and lead in a new direction.

Axiom News provides Stakeholder News services to OMNI Health Care. A version of this article first appeared on their website. If you are interested in our stakeholder news service, please email peter(at), or call 800-294-0051 ext. 28.