Axiom News Identifying Culture as a Strategic Advantage
Elevating and amplifying assets for the strength of the organization

Consciously cultivating strong cultures can help companies develop a strategic advantage, where it attracts, retains and empowers skilled employees who contribute to the excellence of their products and services.

Axiom News is asking what cultural elements have made the greatest impact and impression on the work and lives of Tetra Tech Mining & Minerals’ newly formed Global Mining Practice employees thus far through its stakeholder news program CORE Business.

The articles aim to elevate and amplify those assets for the strength of the operating unit.

As each region has its own regional identity, area of expertise and combination of leaders, generative journalists will curate the varied responses of Tetra Tech contributors for the inspiration of others.

The CORE Business news program is launching a new journey of discovery within Tetra Tech’s Global Mining Practice (GMP) to appreciate and knit together the different organizational cultures that have been brought together in its new operating unit.

Workplace journalism has an opportunity to elevate and amplify the contributions being made by people throughout organizations and bring them together to make a greater and more meaningful impact, and Axiom News is asking questions to help identify the new unit’s culture as a strategic advantage.

Axiom News provides Stakeholder News services to Tetra Tech Mining & Minerals’ Global Mining Practice. A version of this article first appeared on their website. If you are interested in our stakeholder news service, please email peter(at) or call  800-294-0051 (in Canada) or 705-741-4421 ext. 28.